C50 (edition of 300)
$12.00 USD

Last year, three important things happened: 1) I started SKIN LIES, 2) I met Willis Earl Beal, and 3) I read up on the three marks of existence in Buddhism: impermanence (anicca), suffering or unsatisfactoriness (dukkha), and non-self (anatta). For different reasons, all of these events got me thinking differently about our relationship to both recorded music and physical reality in general. Without going to deeply into that, let's just say that one end result of this contemplation was a renewed interest in having FM DUST release physical media, albeit with a new commitment to making each release very special.

To wit: the first FM DUST release after extended hibernation, an omnibus on the subject of impermanence (I'll be getting to the other marks of existence in due time). To get both you and I excited, I called upon some of my favorite sound manipulators working today to contribute: WILLIS EARL BEAL (of course), BLOOD STEREO, TRAVIS BURSIK, CASINO, CITY CENTER, DAS KISTE QUINTETT, EVERYDAY CRUELTY, LIDLESS EYE, DYLAN NYOUKIS, SKIN LIES (again, of course), SKY THING, SMEGMA, and SOPHIE TULIP. Then, after losing my primary source of income and thus my ability to afford putting this thing out, I decided to call upon people on Kickstarter to help me fund it properly and do it up right!

The result is a deluxe box set, limited to 300 numbered copies and including a pro-dubbed cassette, a print by renowned artist and tattooer Jen Munford, a hand-stamped liner notes booklet with notes by yours truly, a 2.25" button, a sticker, and a download card (the ONLY way to get a download of this release!). Order sooner rather than later! About half of the run is already destined for Kickstarter backers, the contributing artists, and the like.

All items are shipped via USPS.
ATTENTION: If you are scared of the internet stealing your face and would like to pay via check or money order, that is fine. Just send an e-mail to reserve the stock you intend to order, figure out shipping costs, etc.