India’s New Trend – Online Poker Games

Remember when every year at Diwali, people dressed in silks and chiffon, attended Diwali parties to gamble their time and money away while eating all the sweets and snacks they were served? And how our male and female relatives played card games like ‘Teen Patti’ or ‘Rummy’, trying to make some quick bucks in the festival season? Well, it is time that this tradition situs judi online was automated too! Online poker games have gained immense popularity in India with multiple people thronging the websites seeing the advertisements across various newspapers, TV, and radio stations about how you can play with your friends and earn quick cash.


The Popularity of Poker in the World

Poker has always been a game that was played face to face, with its origin in China and following popularity in Europe and the USA due to cities like Monaco, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas being the hub of poker and all the gambling games one can imagine. The game has been showcased across multiple movies and TV shows such as Ocean’s Eleven, Uncut Gems, Friends, How I Met Your Mother and counting. Lady Gaga’s first hit single itself was using phrases from the game in her hit single ‘Poker Face’. This popularity was bound to reach India sometime.


India and Poker

India has been a tough market for the international gambling industry as it has extensive laws and regulations supervising gambling (face to face), and it is outlawed in 27 out of 29 states, with Goa and Sikkim being the exception. Face to face poker was inaccessible to the general public living across the country, therefore not making it as popular in India as it was abroad. 

But the internet changed all that with multiple online poker websites offering the Indian audience some international gambling experience. All you needed was a phone with a data connection (a credit card or e-wallet wouldn’t hurt either) and there you go! Welcome to online poker and the gambling gaming industry. But wait, not everyone can play, of course, adults above the age of 18 years only are allowed and you have some waivers to sign to become an official amateur player on the website. 


The Popularity of Online Poker Games in India

These online poker games have seen a rise in their player traffic, with many logging on to the online world to experience how poker is played. Online poker constitutes a virtual game with a setting of the poker table and virtual cards, coins, and with the click of a button you can fold, check or raise your bet.

It is estimated that these online poker games will continue to gain more popularity with many poker companies branching out to advertise heavily and sponsoring many mainstream Indian TV shows, bringing new customers into the portal. The lockdown of 2020 has also caused heavy traffic to the websites with many groups joining to hang out and gamble while having a great online experience. 


So, keep your credit card ready, get a few of your friends together, and show them how to fold it or raise them!