FM DUST: 2009-2017

FM DUST is a label operated by me, Dustin Krcatovich, starting in January 2009. Just under 50 projects (mostly cassette tapes) were released between then and the spring of 2016. It is currently my contention that the label, or at least the label's name, has run its course. If you have ever purchased FM DUST items or otherwise supported the label, it's been much appreciated.

Those interested in the next phase should mosey over to IMPERMANENT PROJECTS, which is more or less the same label with a new name and a touch more ambition, plus input from co-founder Micah Vanderhoof. Starting on November 1st, this website will redirect to the IMPERMANENT website automatically; I intend to let the site's ownership lapse entirely in January.

Those interested in what came before can relive it for as long as they want via the FM DUST BANDCAMP PAGE, which contains digital editions of most of the label's back catalogue. I'll see what I can do to fill in the remaining holes at a later date.

Thanks again,
Dustin Krcatovich
Founder, FM DUST